One of our core services is creating internal team motivational and mental conditioning videos. We work closely with your coaches, strength and conditioning staff, and media departments to craft unique motivational videos that fit your specific needs. The videos we create are not simple highlight reels. Rather, we produce media content designed to reinforce team concepts and teach core mental conditioning techniques such as mental toughness.  These videos are typically shown to the team the night before a game, but are also useful tools for camps and off-season training programs. Hunter Blue Sports brings our years of experience creating world class content to the table to help create immersive media that engages the athletes heart and mind.  Please contact us for additional information and to see samples of work.

“We’re going to recruit talent, but 95 percent of what we’ve got to work on is from the neck up…We are going to put as big of an emphasis on mental conditioning as we do physical in our program because you don’t need to be sick to get better. Our belief and desire is to get our players to feel better about themselves and what they can accomplish. Empowered, confident athletes are winners.”
 – Jimbo Fisher
“You can’t be a good competitor if you can’t overcome adversity. You can’t overcome adversity if you don’t have mental toughness. So, it’s the same as physical toughness except it’s how you think, not how you physically do something.”
– Nick Saban


Recruiting great athletes is an important component to any successful program. Hunter Blue Sports works closely with athletic programs to create internal recruiting videos that attract the best recruits in the country. These videos are designed to showcase the tradition and success of your program and to leave an impact on the recruit. Recruits want to be impressed, and it’s important that any media shown to the recruit will leave a lasting impression. One of our clients has had a top 5 recruiting class the last 4 years. Please contact us for additional information on recruiting videos.


Hunter Blue Sports can create a wide variety of media content for your digital media campaign on all social media outlets. Our digital content has garnered millions of views, while thrilling fans and attracting positive attention for your athletic program. Hunter Blue Sports can also use our years of broadcast experience to help you create your next commercial or promo.


One of the first things that many fans notice upon entering a stadium or arena is the video board. It’s vital that all content on the video board is exciting and maximizes the audience experience. Hunter Blue Sports specializes in creating team introduction videos that will excite the fans and team. We can help you utilize media content in a variety of ways before, during and after the game.


Hunter Blue Sports can create content for various special events such as speaking engagements, banquets and award ceremonies. Please contact us to discuss content for your next special event.